Dadirri: Ancient Aboriginal 
Mindfulness Traditions

13th to Thursday 14th September 2023


Two-day workshop for growing Cross Cultural Communities of Care and Communities of Practice in Trauma Integrated Services


Aim of this workshop: The main aim of this workshop is to locate the ancient Aboriginal tradition of mindfulness within the work of trauma recovery in Australia and elsewhere.

Objectives of the workshop: The workshop objectives are to establish principles of practice, using mindfulness in self-care, family care and community care and in the development of communities of care, and communities of practice in all trauma recovery work.

On completion of this workshop participants should be able to:

  • Utilize the practice of Dadirri as an Ancient Mindfulness tradition essential in all trauma recovery – community healing work.
  • Recognize the importance of cultural fitness in all community work.
  • Use the cultural tradition of mindfulness in self-care and care practice while undertaking trauma recovery work.
  • Identify issues of self-awareness and demonstrate the skills of journaling or story mapping as a conscious and cognitive record of the self-awareness, self-reflective process.
  • Demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to enable effective communication in trauma recovery work using
    symbols, art, and music in storytelling and story-mapping.
  • Define and support the development of communities of care.
  • Critically analyze concepts in establishing communities of
    practice, and be able to respond to trauma recovery – healing across generations.
  • Implement community development processes for building community-healing networks.

Download the training brief.

Download the training brief

Cost: $1,100 per person (includes GST)
Dates: Wed 13th to Thursday 14th September 2023
Times: From 9:00am to 4.30pm, both days
Venue: Ainslie Art Centre, 30 Elouera St Braddon ACT
Max: 25 places

 What is Provided: 

  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea (a nutritious and delicious morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea that both celebrates ancient ingredients sovereign to First Nations Peoples across Australia and being given a First Nations Accredited Nutritionist/Practising Dietitian of Australia’s thumbs up) 
  • PDF Version of Workshop resource booklet
  • Two facilitators
  • Certificate of Attainment
  • Accommodation and travel is at your own cost.

For payment by invoice, contact David Ryan: [email protected].

Workshop Facilitators

Ash Dargan

Lead Facilitator

Ash gained his Masters of Indigenous Studies under Dr. Judy Atkinson following her work in Trauma Informed approaches to community recovery as the Australian Federal Government moved to set up and fund the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Foundation. Since that time he has held State and Territory senior leadership positions across the Education, Mental Health, Justice and Community Service sectors.

Keira Edwards


Keira is an accomplished Educator, with extensive experience in working in the government system and private education sectors for over 10 years; facilitating cultural proficiency training and Aboriginal cultural-related education across a range of Government & Non-Government agencies, Private and Community Organisations.

Culturally Informed Trauma Integrated
Healing to Community
and Organisations