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101: Dadirri - Ancient Aboriginal Mindfulness for Self Care and Self Inquiry

Dadirri is a pre-recorded, work-at-your-own-pace 30 hour training in the ancient Aboriginal mindfulness practice of Dadirri - Deep Listening and Healing of self and others.

Dadirri, a course in deep listening taught by Emeritus Professor Aunt Judy Atkinson through her powerful life stories and Indigenous healing practices for mindfulness and trauma integration. Dadirri is a word that belongs to the Ngan'gikurunggurr and Ngen'giwumirri languages of Daly River in the Northern Territory gifted to us by Aunty Miriam Ungunmerr Baumann. The activity or spiritual practice of Dadirri has its equivalence in many other Indigenous groups in Australia. Dadirri establishes a respectful healing environment based upon locating the ancient Aboriginal tradition of mindfulness and processes of deeply listening as a foundation for self-care, the development of communities of care, and communities of practice in all trauma recovery work. The principles and practices in this training will enable participants to define and implement cultural sensitivity, safety and cultural fitness as essential protocols in all cross-cultural counselling and healing situations. Dadirri practice provides the tools for understanding and evaluation of self and community in the work of trauma recovery through many key Indigenous educational and therapeutic approaches including story telling, story mapping, counselling, sand-play, music, art therapy, movement and guided imagery.

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102: Recreating the Circle of Wellbeing - Self and Community Care Assessment

Recreating the Circle of Wellbeing is a pre-recorded, work-at-your-own-pace 30 hour training that provides the theory and experience to help participants contextualise the connections between the well-being of people and wellbeing of country.

Recreating the Circle of Wellbeing is the second unit in the We Al-li Professional Development Program in Indigenous Healing Therapies for Trauma Recovery and Integration. It is a ground breaking program of Self and Community Care Assessment where Emeritus Professor Aunt Judy Atkinson utilises Indigenous pedagogies such as learning circles and storytelling within the context of cultural narratives, experiential creative and embodiment activities and the Indigenous healing practices of deep listening, truth telling and creative arts therapies. This unit provides both the theory and the experiences to help participants contextualise and integrate their own life stories on an individual and collective level. The circle weaves together the holistic well-being of people with the wellbeing of country through the elements of spirituality, environment, relationships, emotions, physical body, sexuality, stress, and life purpose.

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103: Loss & Grief - A Return to Wholeness

Join Emeritus Professor Aunt Judy Atkinson in this transformative journey as we explore the profound connections between loss, grief, and healing. This 6 step online course provides a comprehensive exploration of the profound impact of loss, grief, and trauma especially for Aboriginal families and communities.

Drawing on a Culturally Informed Trauma Integrated Healing Approach, participants will learn to create safe and culturally sensitive spaces for healing. The course delves into the interplay between intergenerational trauma, suppressed grief, and the history of the country. Through storytelling, ceremonial practices, and self-awareness, participants will develop skills to support individuals and communities in their journey of healing.

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